22nd Grand Vice Polaris Thank You



It is an honor to now serve as your 22nd International Grand Vice Polaris. Over the past 26 years in this great organization, I have taken my oath as a Theta man to serve faithfully and humbly while being mindful to exemplify the five stars of our brotherhood. I’ve been blessed to have great mentors in Iota who encouraged and motivated me to stay financial and proactive about the brotherhood over the years.  I plan to use their mentorship, wisdom, and guidance in my duty to serve you, the brotherhood, for the next four years by increasing our technology operationally and improving our membership service department.


With new leadership, comes change, let us shift our focus to a growth mindset.  Our organization is growing, and with this growth, we must prepare ourselves accordingly. In keeping with the purpose of Iota Phi Theta Fraternity, Inc. as taken from the 2017 Bylaws, “Our organization is to develop and perpetuate scholarship, leadership, citizenship, fidelity, and brotherhood among men…..” Through our continued dedication and scholarship; followed by the use of best practices; coupled with celebrating our wins together, I believe this is attainable in Iota.


As your Grand Vice Polaris, I will assist our Grand Polaris and the leadership team to ensure that we are providing the tools and necessary resources for chapters to create successful and sustainable action plans of programs and projects throughout the regions.  I will work attentively, cohesively and directly with the Regional Polaris team to ensure our regional leadership team is well versed and trained by national standards. As a leadership team, we will hold each other accountable for the success of our organization. We are one Organization, with seven regions promoting “Building with a Purpose”


Lastly, I encourage all financial brothers and non-financial brothers to take their seat at the Iota Phi Theta Fraternity table by answering the call to serve your community, serve in leadership positions, financially support Iota, attend chapter, regional and national meetings. The Grand Polaris and I can’t do this alone.  We need every member of our Brotherhood to stand tall, strong and proud. We need your fresh eyes and ideas to ensure the future and sustainability of our organization like the uncompromising dedication and perseverance our Founders demonstrated by started this organization fifty-four years ago. Theta Men, thank you again for your support and vote of confidence. I look forward to working for and with each of you in leadership & service.


Sean D. Housen Sr.

22nd International Grand Vice Polaris