A Message from Our Grand Polaris

From the 23rd International Grand Polaris 


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When I crossed over into this great Brotherhood in 1991 in the Beta Nu Chapter at Northern Illinois University, the idea of one day serving as the leader of this fraternity was not even a thought in my mind. Now, 30 years later I have the distinct honor of serving as the 23rd International Grand Polaris of Iota Phi Theta Fraternity, Inc. I am humbled, but ready; excited, but prepared. I am most thankful for the confidence in my leadership that you have shown me.
Under my administration, we will be One Iota – united in purpose, vision, and focus, and working daily to live up to the lofty standards set by our Honorable Founders. ‘It takes a Man’ is more than a motto. It speaks to the mature representation of fraternity life that is Iota. Brothers, we are built for this moment and times like these. Iota Phi Theta has a glorious past and an even more promising future. As the elected leader of this fraternity, it is my intent to ‘Be that Man’ every day, and serve the Brotherhood in a responsible and respectful manner.
When the community sees Charcoal Brown and Gilded Gold, they will know it represents a fraternity that embraces community service, civic engagement, leadership, and academic excellence. There will be no question as to the value we bring to our families, communities, and each other in fraternal brotherhood. This is not a part-time commitment on our part. Iota is a way of life.
Brothers, join me in building that tradition. Ow Ow
Yours in the fold,
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Brother Sean D. Housen, Sr.
23rd International Grand Polaris
Iota Phi Theta Fraternity, Inc.