22nd Grand Polaris Thank You

Greetings My Brothers,
It’s with great pleasure and an honor I serve you as the 22nd International Grand Polaris. I look forward to working alongside you all in making Iota a higher bench mark for greatness and high productivity. We are in a critical time in our fraternity where our next moves are crucial to the growth and wellbeing of our organization. As stated before, I am not interested in creating programs and procedures for the sake of doing something, everything we do needs to be goal oriented and to be done with the thought of “Building with a Purpose”.
We must harness the power of the “Life Blood of our Fraternity” and invest in our undergraduate brothers and chapters to help propel us into our future. We have to help them develop into more productive citizens and members, thus getting some of the return on our investment.
We must bridge the gap within our Brotherhood and support one another as we take Iota to higher levels and awareness. Bringing excitement and development to our youthful members and receiving guidance and supporting our “seasoned” members.
We must reach out to our communities that are in need of our support and leadership. We are the frontline of defense, and need to be compassionate and effective in their wellbeing.
We must invest in each other to build each other up and uphold our principles. If we don’t do it, no one else will. I challenge each of us to reach out in brotherly love to the inactive and nonparticipating brother, not just to try and change his active status, but to fulfill your oath you made to the fraternity and to him as a brother.
I call all Brothers to the floor at every level to help build a better Iota. There is a lot to be done, but I know we can do it. Our administration will look into new ways of doing things and will look for more opportunities to advance our fraternity and membership.
In Brotherhood,
Andre’ R. Manson
22nd International Grand Polaris
“Building With A Purpose”