Iota Phi Theta Centaur Walks Through the 2016 NFL Draft

The 2016 NFL Draft is in the books, and Iota Phi Theta will be represented on both sides of the football.
  • Bro. Shilique Calhoun (4-Gamma Mu-15), Michigan State Defensive End, was drafted to the Oakland Raiders. He was the 12th player picked in the 3rd round, making him an overall 75th draft pick.
  • Bro. Lawrence Thomas (3-Gamma Mu-15), Michigan State Defensive Tackle, was signed to the New York Jets as a Free Agent.
  • Bro. Chris King (3-Eta Nu-13), Duquesne Wide Receiver, was signed to the Arizona Cardinals as a Free Agent.
  • Bro. DeAnthony Arnett (1-Gamma Mu-15), Michigan State Wide Receiver, was signed to the Seattle Seahawks as a Free Agent.
  • Bro. RJ Williamson (2-Gamma Mu-15), Michigan State Safety, was signed to the Green Bay Packers as a Free Agent.
Congratulations to these brothers as they continue to perform their craft on the professional level.
The above photo is credited to Bro. Ted Wheat.