The National Body of Iota Phi Theta®
From its inception, Iota Phi Theta has always recognized the need for strong, effective leadership at every level of the organization. Iota Phi Theta’s national governing body is the Grand Council.
The Grand Council is responsible for the governance and operation of the fraternity between National Conclaves, which occur biennially. There are three nationally-elected officers to the Grand Council as well as Regional Polari, who are elected by their respective regions. Those elected officers are the Grand Polaris, Grand Vice Polaris, and the Grand Treasurer. The Grand Polaris also appoints additional Grand Council members to serve in staff-related roles.
The Grand Council is governed by a Board of Directors made up of 7 representatives from each region to include a minimum of 2 undergraduate representatives. The Board of Directors is the policy-making branch of the fraternity.
The fraternity is divided into seven regions, each of which is administered by a Regional Polaris. Each Regional Polaris is elected by his respective region. The Regional Polari are also members of The Grand Council.